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Church of the Holy Trinity in Kežmarok


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   Church of the Holy Trinity   

the wooden articular church


In the year 1717, Protestants of Kežmarok built a "new" Church of the Holy Trinity at the site of the first smaller wooden articular church within a record time of 3 months. The objects arose one after the other on the basis of the resolution of the Sopron Assembly of the year 1681, which allowed the construction of Protestant churches under precisely specified conditions. One of them included the material used, and so today we can admire in Kežmarok the majestic sacral building built of wood.

The Protestant "triangle" is completed by the late Baroque building of the Lutheran Lyceum that educated a high number of exceptional literati and celebrities.

1541 seated people will in the church, and so it is occasionally a venue for concerts.

Although its exterior is less conspicuous and fits into the atmosphere in the old Spiš municipal houses, in its Baroque interior it would make the visitor stunning by its decoration, which is far from being common. Most of the internal surfaces of the church, including its complete ceiling, is decorated with impressive paintings. It is interesting to note that all the paintings are exclusively painted on wood. 

 Church of the Holy Trinity   

The carving interior decoration, as well as the altar from the 18th century, are the work of Master Ján Lerch of Kežmarok. Parts of the massive baptistery located in the centre of the temple come from the original articular church. The oldest part of the church is the bricked Baroque sacristy - originally an inn built in the year 1593, next to which the wooden church was built.

On the western side you can find The Lutheran Lyceum 

Next to its early predecessor, a modern Evangelical church stands, built in the late 1800s. The Protestant "triangle" is completed by the late Baroque building of the Lutheran Lyceum that educated a high number of exceptional literati and celebrities such as Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav, František Nádaši-Jégé, Július Barč-Ivan, Janko Jesenský, Martin Kukučín, Martin Rázus, Pavol Jozef Šafárik či Jonáš Záborský.

Next to the wooden articular church there is The Lutheran church  built in eclectic style.

The wooden articular church is nowadays quite interesting for the tourists. 




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